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World water day: HuaTing approved on island sit implement national water effect
Date:2019-03-30 16:43:09
Green water castle peak is the jinshan silver!
March 22 is the annual "world water day". Water as the source of life, water conservation action is urgently needed, it is not only a part of every citizen must uphold daily habits, more has risen to national strategy and national policy. In water saving, green environmental protection has been heavily promoted by the nation at the same time, HuaTing billet island that defend bath also spread good news: HuaTing approved on island sit implement national water effect.

HuaTing Banks island wei yu, as a socially responsible company, the green environmental protection as own duty, advocate green design, with the future. With its many years of experience in production and r&d, obtains the above qualification deserves it! Special thanks to the broad masses of users and the relevant departments.

HuaTing Banks island, sanitary ware, always put the water environmental problems in the important position of enterprise development strategy, focus on technological innovation and product research, energy saving and emission reduction in a pragmatic attitude to maintain the environment: whether the product design humanization, whether the environmental burden of smaller or zero output as the first premise. Using innovative technology to reduce product costs, save social resources, the output of low carbon high quality products, return customers, embrace the green life!


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